From the highest grade of raw materials, to the best production of hand-finished glassware, craftsmanship is and always will be distinctive of our manufacturing. The production maintains its high value in both design and quality due to an on-going process of updating and training for the designers, technicians and skilled glassmakers. Our 100% handmade products are produced from soda-lime glass, showing distinctive product variances with each piece displaying unique personality.


We have a strong team of "glass people" working for us, as many have spent more than half of their lives in the glass industry, specializing across many production techniques. Since our products go into commercial use, they cannot be just retail grade glass items.


We are fortunate to always work with a multitude of
talented international designers, made up of top hoteliers,
restauranteurs, chefs, mixologists, and OEM suppliers who help create new and exciting glassware collections,


Supported by these strong technical capabilities, we are able to produce a wide variety of handmade glassware to satisfy most requirements. For maximum flexibility, LEGEND Glassware and it's parent, FORUM GLASS, specialize in innovative, design led glassware and have the capability to create custom-made designs and OEM orders.


All LEGEND Glassware products are packaged in bulk packaging with inner packs to ensure safe delivery and the flexibility to meet all of our customers' needs. We understand sometimes there are multiple distribution channels, before product arrives to the final customer. Special box markings can be applied for all your OEM orders.


We understand the importance for the on-time delivery of the projects, Our distribution partners have customers opening hotels, restaurants, and many time sensitive programs. Since our focus has always been towards hospitality markets, timelines and flexibility is key for our success.